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Photobooths in TV Shows: Shaun the Sheep

Photo Booths are so much fun and have been used as props in various TV shows such as the Simpsons, the X-files, and Shaun the Sheep among others. When used in non-animated TV shows, the directors get creative and use sound effects to create the illusion of using an actual photo booth because their limited budget cannot allow them to use a real one. Nevertheless, the directors bring out the fun side of the whole experience by creating hilarious and natural-looking photos.

Shaun the Sheep is a UK animation that features a mischievous sheep called Shaun that does not follow the flock. He leads other sheep into doing different kinds of mischief causing mayhem in the otherwise peaceful meadow. They manage to outsmart the farmer in their daily quest for adventure. It is during one of those days that he goes into the shopping center and takes pictures at a photo booth. The pictures he takes of himself come out looking ridiculous because some of them only capture his legs and others his eyes. He also takes pictures together with his cheeky and adventure-loving friends. This animation demonstrates perfectly how much fun photo booths can be.

The beauty of using a photo booth in TV shows is that it allows characters to take photos by themselves and be creative. It also helps them to show their goofy side and makes the specific episodes more interesting because the viewers will be left talking and thinking about it days after watching it. Therefore, if photo booths can be so much fun on the screen, they are worth trying out. Explore your imagination and have fun while taking the picture in a photo booth the next time you come across it. You will definitely enjoy the whole experience and create lasting memories with friends or family.

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